Tuesday, June 3, 2008

People and events around Wortley Montagu

Abbe Antonio Conti - (1677-) venetian scholar who was a correspondent of Newton, friend of Lady Mary and probably a deist.

Alexander Pope -
John Gay -
Addison -

John Law - (1671-1729)
Scottish economist who did not believe money held value, but trade did. Seen as the father of finance, and responsible for the adoption of paper bills. Originator of "the scarcity theory of value" and "real bills doctrine". In 1694 he fought a duel with Edward Wilson over Elizabeth Villiers. He was sentenced to death then just prison, but escaped to the continent. Promoted the establishment of a national bank. Got back to Scotland and was involved in debates over Union w England. After union in 1707 he had to flee again. He ended up in France where the Regent, facing a bankrupt nation after Louis XIV's wars, appointed him Controller General of Finances.
In 1717 he bought the Mississippi Company.

Lord Hervey -
Walpole -

The Scriblerus Club -
Kit Cat Club -
South Sea Bubble -
Louisiana Company

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